JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 25(5): 515-540, doi: 10.3217/jucs-025-05-0515
Students' Perception of a Blended Learning Approach in an African Higher Institution
expand article infoAhmed Ibrahim Safana, Muesser Nat
‡ Cyprus International University, Nicosia, Turkey
Open Access
This research examined the students’ perception of blended learning pedagogy in an African higher institution. The research was aimed at introducing a better and a qualitative teaching and learning approach which can accommodate the overpopulated classes in African institutions. A mixed research method was implemented in gathering and analyzing the data obtained from the study. A mixed learning experiment was conducted with some students from an African higher institution. One hundred and twenty-five students taking a JAVA programming course participated in the experiment. Focus team, semi-structured interview, and questionnaires were employed during the experiment. The findings argue that the new learning approach (blended learning) may motivate and enhance the students' learning efficiency. In conclusion, a framework or a guideline has been suggested for the possible implementation of blended learning in African higher education institutions amidst their limited resources, and educational institutions in developing countries at large.
African institutions, approach to learning, blended learning, face-to-face learning, students' perception