JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 18(9): 1132-1151, doi: 10.3217/jucs-018-09-1132
Goal-Driven Process Navigation for Individualized Learning Activities in Ubiquitous Networking and IoT Environments
expand article infoJian Chen, Qun Jin, Runhe Huang§
‡ Waseda University, Tokorozawa, Japan§ Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan
Open Access
In the study, we propose an integrated adaptive framework to support and facilitate individualized learning through sharing the successful process of learning activities based on similar learning patterns in the ubiquitous learning environments empowered by Internet of Things (IoT). This framework is based on a dynamic Bayesian network that gradually adapts to a target student’s needs and information access behaviours. By analysing the log data of learning activities and extracting students' learning patterns, our analysis results show that most of students often use their preferred learning patterns in their learning activities, and the learning achievement is affected by the learning process. Based on these findings, we try to optimise the process of learning activities using the extracted learning patterns, infer the learning goal of target students, and provide a goal-driven navigation of individualized learning process according to the similarity of the extracted learning patterns.