JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 18(10): 1323-1342, doi: 10.3217/jucs-018-10-1323
Product Presentation Strategy for Online Customers
expand article infoMarija Jovic, Dusan Milutinovic§, Anton Kos|, Saso Tomazic|
‡ University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia§ Hemofarm Group, Belgrade, Serbia| University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Open Access
This paper deals with customers' behavior in an online environment. The major hypothesis of this paper is that different online product presentation strategies have a different impact on the customer's choice and that this impact can be measured. The research was conducted using an experimental method based on 6 product groups of 8 products per group. The products were presented with different combinations of several audio and visual elements: text, picture, video, animation, speech, special sound, and background music. The impact of each combination on the customer's choice was tested on a customer sample of 46 examinees. The most important conclusion is that besides text and a picture of the product, it is highly recommendable to include a video of the product in the product's online presentation. Regarding the number of multimedia elements, it is better to include more than less elements in a product presentation on the Internet, in contrast to some findings in connection with e-Learning.
online product presentation, e-commerce, multimedia presentation