JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 24(10): 1403-1423, doi: 10.3217/jucs-024-10-1403
Building an Educational Platform Using NLP: A Case Study in Teaching Finance
expand article infoSoto Montalvo, Jesus Palomo, Carmen de la Orden
‡ Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain
Open Access
Information overload is one of the main challenges in the current educational context, where the Internet has become a major source of information. According to the European Space for Higher Education, students must now be more autonomous and creative, with lecturers being required to provide guidance and supervision. Guiding students to search and read news related to subjects that are being studied in class has proven to be an effective technique in improving motivation, because students appreciate the relevance of the topics being studied in real world examples. However, one of the main drawbacks of this teaching practice is the amount of time that lecturers and students need for searching relevant and useful information on different subjects. The objective of our research is to demonstrate the usefulness of a complementary teaching tool in the traditional educational classroom. It is a new educational platform that combines Artificial Intelligence techniques with the expertise provided by lecturers. It automatically compiles information from different sources and presents only relevant breaking news classified into different subjects and topics. It has been tested on a Finance course, where being continually informed about the latest economic and financial news is an important part of the teaching process, specially for certain key financial concepts. The utility of the platform has been studied by conducting student surveys. The results confirm that using the platform had a positive impact on improving students' motivation and boost the learning processes. This research provides evidence about effectiveness of the new educational complement to traditional teaching methods in classrooms. Also, it demonstrates the improvement on the knowledge transfer within an environment of information overload.
higher education, information retrieval, NLP techniques, autonomous learning, student motivation, independent learning, personal autonomy, information systems