JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 19(12): 1736-1760, doi: 10.3217/jucs-019-12-1736
The Analysis of the Users' Response to the Linear Internet Video Advertising by Using QoE Methods
expand article infoMiloš Ljubojević, Vojkan Vasković, Dušan Starčević§
‡ University of Belgrade, Bor§ University of Belgrade, Belgrade
Open Access
Internet video advertising is a sensitive application regarding the quality of the multimedia content, efficiency of displayed advertisement and user's attention. Therefore, video advertising have to be described with respect to Quality of Experience (QoE). Important issue represents trade-off between the Quality of Experience and ad efficiency. The analysis of payment which takes into account the duration of video ad is one of the aspects in this research. This paper analyzes influences of the format of the video ad to user's attention in order to achieve optimum ratio between the efficiency of the ad and QoE. We investigated impact of the position of the video ad in video content, ad duration and transition effects in merging video contents to the user's attention and ad efficiency. The model for estimation of QoE, taking into account improvement efficiency of video ad, was presented and metrics which are necessary for the evaluation of the QoE are introduced. The results show that it is possible to design video ad to achieve optimal ratio between the efficiency of ad and QoE. The improvement of the efficiency of an ad may be achieved while retaining the maximum QoE at the same time.
quality of experience, content adaptation, nternet video advertisement modelling, subjective quality assessment, user's attention