JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 23(12): 1256-1275, doi: 10.3217/jucs-023-12-1256
The Effect of Infographics in Mobile Learning: Case Study in Primary School
expand article infoHasan Ozdal, Fezile Ozdamli§
‡ Near East University, Nicosia, Cyprus§ Near East University, North Nicosia, Turkey
Open Access
This research aims to investigate the effects of infographics as a new method of visualisation tool by focusing on the fifth grade primary school students' academic success, the retention levels of their achieved knowledge and the views of the students about the use of infographics in Maths, Turkish, Social Sciences and Science and Technology courses. Considering this main objective of the study, the research design was a combined quantitative and qualitative research, and the quantitative research was based on the post-test only control group experimental design. The study revealed that the use of infographics in education had a positive impact on the academic success in four courses. Along with that, the achievement tests given also showed that the use of infographics in education had influenced the retention levels of the students' achieved knowledge positively in three courses: Turkish, Social Sciences and Science and Technology.
infographic, infographics, elementary education, mathematics, Turkish, social sciences, science and technology