JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 20(13): 1791-1812, doi: 10.3217/jucs-020-13-1791
An Adaptive Intent Resolving Scheme for Service Discovery and Integration
expand article infoCheng Zheng, Weiming Shen, Hamada Ghenniwa
‡ Western University, London, Canada
Open Access
Service discovery and integration is an important research area with efforts invested to explore the potential advantages of collaborative computing in general and service-oriented computing in particular. However, current technologies still limit their application within the reach of enterprise systems or privately available services. Intents is an emerging and innovative technique aimed to discover and integrate publically available services. In Intents, intent message resolving is a critical step which is deemed to decide the quality of the whole system. However, existing schemes applied in intent resolving adopt the exact-matching strategy which may rule out services desired by the user. This paper brings in information retrieval techniques and applies them to intent resolving. We take an empirical approach through extensive experiments and analyses on a real dataset to obtain guiding principles. Based on the resulting principles, an adaptive intent resolving scheme is designed. Afterwards, we integrate the scheme into the Intents user agent developed in a previous project.
service discovery and integration, web services, intents, intent resolving