JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 19(14): 2112-2126, doi: 10.3217/jucs-019-14-2112
Laboratories as a Service (LaaS): Using Cloud Technologies in the Field of Education
expand article infoRafael Pastor, Agustín Carlos Caminero, Daniel Sánchez, Roberto Hernández, Salvador Ros§, Antonio Robles-Gómez, Llanos Tobarra
‡ National Spanish Distance University of Spain, Madrid, Spain§ Spanish University for Distance Education (UNED), Madrid, Spain
Open Access
Society has evolved in such a way that individuals are required to embrace constant improvements in order to be able to perform their jobs properly. Distance education is a solution to this problem, as it allows students to obtain practical knowledge without the space and time constraints of classical face-to-face education, thus allowing them to fit their studies into possibly tight schedules. In order to obtain practical distance education on technical topics, the use of remote laboratories becomes more of a necessity rather than just being an option. To this end, the RELATED framework has been developed in order to permit the structural development of remote laboratories. It presents a structured methodology of remote/virtual lab development and also provides common facilities, such as user management, booking, or basic visualization. In the case that a high number of laboratories and students use RELATED, handling such information becomes a major issue for the proper functionality of RELATED. These issues can be efficiently tackled using cloud technologies. This paper proposes the use of cloud technologies to enhance RELATED and describes the cloud-based architecture that is under development at UNED, including details on its software components and the algorithms needed for resource provisioning.
cloud computing, on-line education, remote laboratories, web-based services