JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 26(1): 33-49, doi: 10.3897/jucs.2020.003
An Intelligent Recommender System Based on Association Rule Analysis for Requirement Engineering
expand article infoMohammad Muhairat, Shadi ALZu Bi, Bilal Hawashin, Mohammad Elbes, Mahmoud Al-Ayyoub§
‡ Al Zaytoonah University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan§ Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan
Open Access
Requirement gathering is a vital step in software engineering. Even though many recent researches concentrated on the improvement of the requirement gathering process, many of their works lack completeness especially when the number of users is large. Data Mining techniques have been recently employed in various domains with promising results. In this work, we propose an intelligent recommender system for requirement engineering based on association rule analysis, which is a main category in Data Mining. Such recommender would contribute in enhancing the accuracy of the gathered requirements and provide more comprehensive results. Conducted experiments in this work prove that FP Growth outperformed Apriori in terms of execution and space consumption, while both methods were efficient in term of accuracy.
requirement engineering, requirements gathering, apriori algorithm, FP growth algorithm, association rule analysis, intelligent systems, recommender systems