JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 26(11): 1495-1512, doi: 10.3897/jucs.2020.079
Weather Station IoT Educational Model Using Cloud Services
expand article infoJán Molnár, Simona Kirešová, Tibor Vince§, Dobroslav Kováč|, Patrik Jacko, Matej Bereš, Peter Hrabovský
‡ FEI TU Košice, Košice, Slovakia§ TU Košice, Košice, Slovakia| Technical University of Košice, Košice, Slovakia
Open Access
IoT technology is gaining more and more popularity in practice, as it collects, processes, evaluates and stores important measured data. The IoT is used every day in the work, in the home or smart houses or in public areas. It realizes the connectivity between real world and digital world which means, that it converts physical quantities of the real world in the form of analog signals into digital numbers stored in clauds. It is essential that students gain practical experience in the design and implementation of the IoT systems during their studies. The article first describes IoT issues and communication protocols used in IoT generally are closer described. Then the design and implementation of an educational model of IoT system - Weather station with the ThingSpeak cloud support is described. The created IoT model interconnects microcontroller programming, sensors and measuring, cloud API interfaces, MATLAB scripts which are useful to analyses the stored data, Windows and Android application developing.
ATmega2560, IoT, education, data analysis, MATLAB, sensors, ThingSpeak, weather station, ESP8266