JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 2(9): 597-609, doi: 10.3217/jucs-002-09-0597
Managing Interdisciplinary Project Teams Through the Web
expand article infoPaul S. Chinowsky, Robin E. Goodman
‡ Georgia Institute of Technology, United States of America
Open Access
The introduction of new communication technologies such as the World Wide Web are creating unique opportunities for AEC project teams to develop new coordination and communication strategies. Of particular interest is the capability of teams to interact remotely in a virtual team environment. However, this evolution of project team interactions is introducing a diverse range of new issues in project management and process control which requires a new generation of management frameworks. This paper introduces the requirements of these management frameworks as developed through studies of interdisciplinary, virtual project teams working together over the World Wide Web. 1.) This paper is an extension of "Managing Interdisciplinary Project Teams Through the Web", Paul S. Chinowsky amd Robin E. Goodmann, WebNet '96: The First World Conference of the Web Society, San Francisco CA, October 1996