JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 5(9): 494-507, doi: 10.3217/jucs-005-09-0494
Communicating Stream X-Machines Systems are no more than X-Machines
expand article infoTudor Balanescu, Anthony J. Cowling§, Horia Georgescu|, Marian Gheorghe, Mike Holcombe§, Cristina Vertan
‡ Faculty of Sciences, Pitesti University, Romania§ Department of Computer Science, Sheffield University, United Kingdom| Faculty of Mathematics, Bucharest University, Bucharest, Romania¶ Faculty of Mathematics, Bucharest University, Romania
Open Access
A version of the communicating stream X-machine model is proposed, which gives a precise representation of the operation of transferring data from one X-machine to another. For this model it is shown that systems of communicating X-machines have the same computational power as single stream X-machines. This enable existing methods for deriving test strategies for stream X-machines to be extended to communicating stream X-machines.
communicating Stream X-machines system, testing, communicating matrix, processing states, communicating states, software specification language