JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 6(11): 1071-1087, doi: 10.3217/jucs-006-11-1071
Use of E-LOTOS in Adding Formality to UML
expand article infoRobert Clark, Ana Moreira§
‡ University of Stirling, United Kingdom§ Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Caparica, Portugal
Open Access
E-LOTOS, a new version of the ISO standard specification language LOTOS, is currently being developed. We describe how it can be used to give a formal meaning to, and to discover inconsistencies in, UML models. As part of this work, we give mappings from UML constructs to E-LOTOS. Emphasis is placed on dealing with UML use case, class and interaction diagrams as these play the dominant part in the development of a UML analysis or high-level design model. Requirements are usually inconsistent and incomplete and we deal with how this can be modelled in a formal language.
UML, E-LOTOS, formal modelling, inconsistent specifications