JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 8(8): 808-832, doi: 10.3217/jucs-008-08-0808
Scheduling Tasks to a Team of Autonomous Mobile Service Robots in Indoor Enviroments
expand article infoHartmut Surmann, Antonio Morales§
‡ Fraunhofer Institute for Autonomous Intelligent Systems (AIS), Schloss Birlinghoven, Germany§ Jaume-I University, Robotic Intelligence Laboratory, Campus Riu Sec, Castellon, Spain
Open Access
This paper presents a complete system for scheduling transportation orders to a fleet of autonomous mobile robots in service environments. It consists of the autonomous mobile robots, a user friendly interface to acquire the orders for the robots via internet and to store them in a database, a general language for modeling multistorey buildings with XML and the scheduling algorithms. The model description of the buildings is used to plan the paths for the robots and to estimate the cost and times for the orders. One challenging key problem - the multi robot cooperation - is solved by the scheduling algorithms and by giving autonomy to the service robots.
Job scheduling, autonomous mobile service robots, robot teams human machine interface (HMI), NP-hard problems, XML, telerobotics