JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 9(8): 730-744, doi: 10.3217/jucs-009-08-0730
LuaTS - A Reactive Event-Driven Tuple Space
expand article infoMarcus Amorim Leal, Noemi Rodriguez§, Roberto Ierusalimschy|
‡ PUC-Rio, Brazil§ Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil| PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Open Access
With the goal of assessing the use of the tuple space model in the context of event-driven applications, we developed a reactive tuple space in the Lua programming language. This system, which we called LuaTS, extends the original Linda model with a more powerful associative mechanism for retrieving tuples, supports code mobility and includes a reactive layer through which the programmer can modify the behavior of the basic system calls. In this paper we describe the implementation of LuaTS and illustrate its main features with a few examples.
distributed systems, tuple spaces, event-oriented programming