JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 9(10): 1244-1257, doi: 10.3217/jucs-009-10-1244
Why it is Difficult to Introduce e-Learning into Schools And Some New Solutions
expand article infoJennifer Lennon, Hermann Maurer§
‡ The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand§ Technical University Graz, Graz, Austria
Open Access
Most informed educators agree that e-Learning should create a paradigm shift away from traditional teaching models, yet in practice this is extremely difficult to achieve. Typically, teachers use computer networks (internet or intranets) mainly for email, dissemination of information that frequently just mirrors traditional book material, assignments, and perhaps a discussion forum. In this paper, we examine reasons why there has been so little departure away from conventional teaching paradigms. We look beyond Virtual Learning Environments to Managed Learning Environments. We look at ways to make this transition a desirable option for both teachers and students. We suggest that when teachers and learners are properly supported within a Managed Learning Environment the workload of teachers is not increased and they enjoy teaching more, also, students learn better (i.e. more efficiently) and with higher motivation.
e-Learning, WBT, managed learning, constructionist learning