JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 10(1): 73-89, doi: 10.3217/jucs-010-01-0073
The Role of Adaptation and Personalisation in Classroom-Based Learning and in e-Learning
expand article infoMaja Pivec, Konrad Baumann§
‡ FH JOANNEUM, Information Design, Graz, Austria§ FH JOANNEUM, Department of Information Design, Graz, Austria
Open Access
The paper focuses on adaptability, knowledge mediation and knowledge flows in face-to-face classes compared to computer-based or Internet-based classes. The paper gives an overview of features of on-line learning systems that facilitate the learning process and gives some aspects on adaptation and personalisation issues within those systems. Some recent developments of intelligent tutors capable of expressing emotions are presented. Application examples of adaptable multimedia e-learning solutions for different user groups are described. An outlook on possible future developments and constraints is provided. The paper starts an important discussion about how to design effective human-computer interaction.
learning, teaching, personalisation