JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 10(3): 186-204, doi: 10.3217/jucs-010-03-0186
Participative Process Introduction: Three Case Studies From the indiGo Project
expand article infoBjörn Decker, Jörg Rech, Klaus-Dieter Althoff, Andreas Klotz, Edda Leopold, Angie Voss
‡ Fraunhofer IESE, Germany
Open Access
In software engineering, the quality of development and business processes and their models is of utmost importance for (a) the quality of the software products developed and (b) the operational success of the organization. Nevertheless, many organizations neglect these processes and leave the knowledge about them in the heads of their experts. In this paper, we present the indiGo method and platform for eParticipative Process Learning. Furthermore, we present the results of a three case studies for the evaluation of these methods. The results indicate that processes introduced and modeled with process user participation result in process models with higher acceptance and better perceived quality.
distributed participative process evolution, process introduction, process improvement, process inspection, eParticipative Process Learning, indigo