JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 11(1): 4-19, doi: 10.3217/jucs-011-01-0004
Physically Locating Wireless Intruders
expand article infoFrank Adelstein, Prasanth Alla, Rob Joyce, Golden G. Richard Iii§
‡ ATC-NY, New York, United States of America§ University of New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America
Open Access
Wireless networks, specifically IEEE 802.11, are inexpensive and easy to deploy, but their signals can be detected by eavesdroppers at great distances. Even with existing and new security measures, wireless networks have a higher risk than wired nets. WIDS, Wireless Intrusion Detection System, provides an additional layer of security by combining intrusion detection with physical location determination, using directional antennas. We briefly describe WIDS and present our initial results of remote station location using inexpensive hardware.
Wireless, intrusion detection system, 802.11, antenna