JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 12(3): 236-251, doi: 10.3217/jucs-012-03-0236
Development of Ambient Intelligence Applications using Components and Aspects
expand article infoLidia Fuentes, Daniel Jiménez§, Mónica Pinto|
‡ University of Malaga, Málaga, Spain§ Universidad de Málaga, Spain| University of Málaga, Málaga, Spain
Open Access
In recent times, interest in Ambient Intelligence (or AmI) has increased considerably. One of the main challenges in the development of these systems is to improve their modularization in order to achieve a high degree of reusability, adaptability and extensibility. This will help us to deal with the heterogeneity and evolution of the environments in which AmI devices exit. An example would be to easily adapt existing applications when new communication technologies appear. Current approaches apply component technologies to achieve these goals, but more should be done. Our research focuses on applying aspect technologies to components in order to improve AmI application modularization. We present the benefits of aspect technologies with regard to reusability and adaptability, by showing the limitations of PCOM, a component-based AmI middleware platform. We will show a study comparing DAOPAmI, our own component and aspect-based AmI middleware platform and PCOM.
aspects, middleware, components, ambient intelligence, pervasive computing