JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 12(3): 270-283, doi: 10.3217/jucs-012-03-0270
Visualization Services in a Conference Context: An Approach by RFID Technology
expand article infoJosé Bravo, Ramón Hervás§, Inocente Sánchez§, Gabriel Chavira|, Salvador Nava|
‡ Castilla-La Mancha University, Ciudad Real, Spain§ Castilla-La Mancha University, Spain| Autonomous University of Tamaulipas, Mexico
Open Access
Ambient Intelligent (AmI) vision is a new concept materialized by the Six Framework Program of the European Community. It involves three key technologies: Ubiquitous Computing, Ubiquitous Communications and Natural Interfaces. With the increase in context aware applications it is important to keep these technologies in mind. In this paper we present a context aware application in a conference site based on the identification process using RFID. Furthermore the highlights of this proposal are based on the "ws" concepts. Three environments are modelled applying the "who" to the "when" and "where" to reach the "what". In this sense certain services are offered to the conference attendees, some of which are characteristics of this technology and others are the result of a context aware application, the visualization services named "Mosaics of Information".
ubiquitous computing, context aware, RFID, implicit interaction, visualization, information mosaics