JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 13(12): 1835-1853, doi: 10.3217/jucs-013-12-1835
An Adaptable Framework for Ontology-based Content Creation on the Semantic Web
expand article infoOnni Valkeapää, Olli Alm, Eero Hyvönen
‡ Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), Helsinki, Finland
Open Access
Creation of rich, ontology-based metadata is one of the major challenges in developing the Semantic Web. Emerging applications utilizing semantic web techniques, such as semantic portals, cannot be realized if there are no proper tools to provide metadata for them. This paper discusses how to make provision of metadata easier and cost-effective by an annotation framework comprising of annotation editor combined with shared ontology services. We have developed an annotation system Saha supporting distributed collaboration in creating annotations, and hiding the complexity of the annotation schema and the domain ontologies from the annotators. Saha adapts flexibly to different metadata schemas, which makes it suitable for different applications. Support for using ontologies is based on ontology services, such as concept searching and browsing, concept URI fetching, semantic autocompletion and linguistic concept extraction. The system is being tested in various practical semantic portal projects.
semantic Web, ontologies, annotation, metadata, information extraction