JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 14(2): 284-298, doi: 10.3217/jucs-014-02-0284
A Methodology for the Separation of Foreground/Background in Arabic Historical Manuscripts using Hybrid Methods
expand article infoWafa Boussellaa, Abderrazak Zahour§, Adel Alimi
‡ University of Sfax, REGIM, ENIS, Sfax, Tunisia§ University of Le Havre, Le Havre, France
Open Access
This paper presents a new color document image segmentation system suitable for historical Arabic manuscripts. Our system is composed of a hybrid method which couple together background light intensity normalization algorithm and k-means clustering with maximum likelihood (ML) estimation, for foreground/ background separation. Firstly, the background normalization algorithm performs separation between foreground and background. This foreground is used in later steps. Secondly, our algorithm proceeds on luminance and distort the contrast. These distortions are corrected with a gamma correction and contrast adjustment. Finally, the new enhanced foreground image is segmented to foreground/background on the basis of ML estimation. The initial parameters for the ML method are estimated by k-means clustering algorithm. The segmented image is used to produce a final restored document image. The techniques are tested on a set of Arabic historical manuscripts documents from the National Tunisian Library. The performance of the algorithm is demonstrated on by real color manuscripts distorted with show-through effects, uneven background color and localized spot
segmentation, restoration, light intensity normalisation, k-means, maximum likelihood, foreground/background, Arabic historical color manuscript image