JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 17(4): 515-531, doi: 10.3217/jucs-017-04-0515
IDEA: A Framework for a Knowledge-based Enterprise 2.0
expand article infoDada Lin, Peter Geißler§|, Stefan Ehrlich, Eric Schoop
‡ Technical University Dresden, Dresden, Germany§ expeet| consulting, Dresden, Germany¶ T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, Dresden, Germany
Open Access
This paper looks at the convergence of knowledge management and Enterprise 2.0 and describes the possibilities for an over-arching exchange and transfer of knowledge in Enterprise 2.0. This will be underlined by the presentation of the concrete example of T-System Multimedia Solutions (MMS), which describes the establishment of a new enterprise division "IG eHealth". This is typified by the decentralised development of common ideas, collaboration and the assistance available to performing responsibilities as provided by Enterprise 2.0 tools. Taking this archetypal example and the derived abstraction of the problem regarding the collaboration of knowledge workers as the basis, a regulatory framework will be developed for knowledge management to serve as a template for the systemisation and definition of specific Enterprise 2.0 activities. The paper will conclude by stating factors of success and supporting Enterprise 2.0 activities, which will facilitate the establishment of a practical knowledge management system for the optimisation of knowledge transfer.
knowledge management, Enterprise 2.0, regulatory framework, social software, expert knowledge, enabling factors, IDEA