JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 17(8): 1135-1160, doi: 10.3217/jucs-017-08-1135
An Ontology based Agent Generation for Information Retrieval on Cloud Environment
expand article infoYue-Shan Chang, Chao-Tung Yang§, Yu-Cheng Luo
‡ National Taipei University, New Taipei City, Taiwan§ Tunghai University, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Open Access
Retrieving information or discovering knowledge from a well organized data center in general is requested to be familiar with its schema, structure, and architecture, which against the inherent concept and characteristics of cloud environment. An effective approach to retrieve desired information or to extract useful knowledge is an important issue in the emerging information/knowledge cloud. In this paper, we propose an ontology-based agent generation framework for information retrieval in a flexible, transparent, and easy way on cloud environment. While user submitting a flat-text based request for retrieving information on a cloud environment, the request will be automatically deduced by a Reasoning Agent (RA) based on predefined ontology and reasoning rule, and then be translated to a Mobile Information Retrieving Agent Description File (MIRADF) that is formatted in a proposed Mobile Agent Description Language (MADF). A generating agent, named MIRA-GA, is also implemented to generate a MIRA according to the MIRADF. We also design and implement a prototype to integrate these agents and show an interesting example to demonstrate the feasibility of the architecture.
ontology, agent generation, information retrieval, cloud computing