JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 17(9): 1219-1221, doi: 10.3217/jucs-017-09
Software Technologies in Knowledge Society
expand article infoMiltiadis D. Lytras, Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos§
‡ The American College of Greece, Gerakas, Greece§ University of Oviedo, Oviedo, Spain
Open Access
The current society has knowledge as one of its most important values and indeed this is often called Knowledge Society. But Knowledge Society is still a desired aim more than a reality. Technology must serve to the achievement of Knowledge Society through knowledge-based information systems, but this is not an easy and out-dated task, nevertheless critically important topics, from different multicultural and interdisciplinary perspectives, address the complex relationships among technology, knowledge and society. World Summit on the Knowledge Society (WSKS) is an international event that promotes the dialogue for the main aspects of the Knowledge Society towards a better world for all. WSKS brings together key stakeholders of the Knowledge Society development worldwide, from Academia, Industry, Government, Policy Makers, and active citizens to look at the impact and prospects of the Information Technology, and the knowledge-based era it is creating, on key facets of living, working, learning, innovating and collaborating in today’s hyper-complex world.