JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 17(13): 1800-1829, doi: 10.3217/jucs-017-13-1800
Design and Generation of Web Services Choreographies with Time Constraints
expand article infoM. Emilia Cambronero, Valentín Valero, Enrique Martínez
‡ Campus Universitario. ESII, Albacete, Spain
Open Access
In this paper we show how UML 2.0 sequence diagrams can be used for the design of Web service choreographies with time constraints and how these sequence diagrams can be extended with frames for the description of Web service choreographies. We then show how the diagrams can be translated into WS-CDL documents. This translation is of interest, since non-XML experts can find it difficult to implement a composite web service by WS-CDL, i.e. XML code. Graphic models, such as UML sequence diagrams, are a popular and well-studied framework for a compact representation of interoperation among participants in a distributed system and can be used as a starting document for the design of a composite Web service, from which the corresponding WS-CDL document can be derived.
UML, modeling, design, code generation, web services, WS-CDL, RealTime systems