JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 28(1): 98-117, doi: 10.3897/jucs.67593
Scrum Watch: a tool for monitoring the performance of Scrum-based work teams
expand article infoFlorencia Vega, Guillermo Rodríguez§, Fabio Rocha|, Rodrigo Pereira dos Santos
‡ UNICEN, Tandil, Argentina§ ISISTAN (UNICEN-CONICET), Tandil, Argentina| UNIT-ITP, Aracaju, Brazil¶ UNIRIO, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Open Access

Agile Methods propose an approach for developing software based on an iterative and incremental life cycle model, in which needs and solutions evolve through collaboration between multi-functional and self-organized teams. As such, agile practices in work teams are gaining much momentum. To meet the demanding level of projects, agile software development also has to keep up with several challenges. In this context, software industry has chosen to use several tools to ease development and communication between different teams’ members. However, these tools generate overwhelming volumes of data that hamper decision-making by project managers. To address this issue, we present Scrum Watch, a tool-based approach that focuses on generating, through cloud-based technologies, graphic elements and reports that assist project managers with information to support decision making. Results obtained from an undergraduate Systems Engineering course through a capstone project confirm the feasibility of the proposed approach, which exploits the benefits of the availability and visualization of process and product metrics.

agile methods, project monitoring and control, cloud-based technologies, capstone project, decision-making