JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 27(10): 1026-1045, doi: 10.3897/jucs.69750
A Fuzzy Logic Supported Multi-Agent System For Urban Traffic And Priority Link Control
expand article infoAbdelouafi Ikidid , Abdelaziz El Fazziki §, Mohammed Sadgal
‡ Computer Science Dept, Laboratory ISI., Marrakesh, Morocco§ Computer Science Dept, Laboratory ISI., Marrakech, Morocco
Open Access

Artificial technologies are rapidly becoming one of the most powerful and popular technologies for solving complicated problems involving distributed systems. Nevertheless, their potential for application to advanced artificial transportation systems has not been sufficiently explored. This paper presents a traffic optimization system based on agent technology and fuzzy logic that aims to manage road traffic, prioritize emergency vehicles, and promote collective modes of transport in smart cities. This approach aims to optimize traffic light control at a signalized intersection by acting on the length and order of traffic light phases in order to favor priority flows and fluidize traffic at an isolated intersection and for the whole multi-intersection network, through both inter- and intra-intersection collaboration and coordination. Regulation and prioritization decisions are made on real-time monitoring through cooperation, communication, and coordination between decentralized agents. The performance of the proposed system is investigated by implementing it in the AnyLogic simulator, using a section of the road network that contains priority links. The results indicate that our system can significantly increase the efficiency of the traffic regulation system.

Fuzzy Logic, Multi-agent modelization, Priority vehicles, Priority links