JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 27(11): 1203-1221, doi: 10.3897/jucs.76770
Incremental autoencoders for text streams clustering in social networks
expand article infoAmal Rekik, Salma Jamoussi
‡ Sfax University, Sfax, Tunisia
Open Access
Clustering data streams in order to detect trending topic on social networks is a chal- lenging task that interests the researchers in the big data field. In fact, analyzing such data needs several requirements to be addressed due to their large amount and evolving nature. For this purpose, we propose, in this paper, a new evolving clustering method which can take into account the incremental nature of the data and meet with its principal requirements. Our method explores a deep learning technique to learn incrementally from unlabelled examples generated at high speed which need to be clustered instantly. To evaluate the performance of our method, we have conducted several experiments using the Sanders, HCR and Terr-Attacks datasets.
Social network, Topic extraction, Data streams, Clustering, Deep learning, Incremental autoencoders, Stacked autoencoder