JUCS - Journal of Universal Computer Science 28(6): 620-647, doi: 10.3897/jucs.77793
Towards an Open Ontology for Renewable Resource Management in Smart Self-Sustainable Human Settlements
expand article infoIgor Tomicic, Markus Schatten, Vadym Shkarupylo§
‡ University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varazdin, Croatia§ Department of Computer Systems and Networks, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
Open Access

This paper proposes an open ontology for self-sustainable human settlements in an effort to set the common language for modelling self-sustainable systems and address the issues regarding heterogeneity of physical devices, protocols, software components, data and message formats and other relevant factors, which proved to be unavoidable in implementations of smart systems in the domain of self-sustainability, smart homes, Internet of things, smart energy management systems, demand side systems, and related areas of research and engineering. Although the existing body of research is showing significant results in related, specialized research areas, currently there is no common formal language available which would bring the diversity of such research efforts under a single umbrella and thus enhance and integrate such efforts, which is often pointed out by the researchers in related fields. This paper discuses self- sustainable systems and associated areas, argues the need for the ontology development, presents its scope, development methodology, domain’s architecture and metamodel, and finally the proposed ontology itself, implemented in an open OWL format.

self-sustainability, metamodeling, ontology, sustainable development, renewable resources, Internet of things, human settlements